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About H2O Plus, Inc.


  • Retention ponds
  • Dentention Ponds
  • Retention / Irrigation ponds
  • Sedimentation / Filtration ponds
  • Wet Ponds

Pond maintenance is extremely important. In addition to looking unattractive,accumulated sediment and excessive vegetation along with trash and debris can create pooling and prevent proper flow.

Ponds are in place to slow down storm water in a holding area to reduce downstream flooding and erosion and they filter or retain water so that pollutants are trapped in the pond rather than traveling to waterways.

A well maintained pond is more attractive and best serving its purpose. Regular maintenance will minimize the need for a costly recovery and reduce fines for non compliance with government regulations.


We need parking lot striping to comply with local, state and federal requirements for accessible parking and to meet local occupancy codes and to improve efficiency, safety and apperance of your parking lot.

We believe in using strong hydro-blast 5,000 psi cleaning of all surfaces to be painted. This allows deep cleaning of the pavement and striping old and peeling paint. This allows longer paint life and fewer restripes. Then we use the highest quality industrial resin high performance traffic paint. The paint is fast drying and extremely durable. This gives the customer the best quality painting for their investment. After all, "Curb Appeal is our Business."